Monday, January 7, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2013

This is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where each week bloggers share a list of books for the prompt given. So hopefully I'll have a new list to share with you all each week! 

This week's topic: Top 10 Bookish Goals  of 2013

Yay, another goal post! 

Haha, I love making goals, so I'm super excited to share all of my bookish goals with you guys! Some of these will overlap from my goals list I did for my Follow Friday Post, but I've added some more to make a complete list of 10. Okay, so here they are: 

1. Read at least 132 books In 2012 I read 131 books and I was really rushing at the end to get all of the books in, so I'm going to try to improve this year by one more book. 

2. Read more classics Since I'm going to be an English teacher, I'm going to really have to know the classics. I've read a fair amount already, but there are so many out there that I really want to get through this year. 

3. Post at least 2 reviews a week I love writing reviews and sharing them with my readers, but when things got really busy with school or work, I sometimes didn't even get to review one book in a week, which made me really sad. This year, I really want to focus on aiming for two reviews a week. 

4. Join some read-a-thons/bookish events I've always wanted to do one of these, but they are always at the worst times. I know there's one going on right now with Bout of Books, but it's my last week of break and I didn't want to dedicate the entire week to reading, so I decided not to join. Hopefully I can take part in at least one this year! 

5. Finish all of my challenges Last year, I only finished 3 out of the 6 challenges I decided to take on for that year. For 2013, I really hope I can finish every single challenge I signed up for! 

6. Make a dent in my TBR pile I have SOOOO many books and I love them all so much, but there are a ton of them on my shelves and stacked under my desk that I haven't even read yet. I've heard a lot of good things about so many different books that make their way into my room (I honestly don't know how they've accumulated so much...) that I really want to get to them so I can finally understand all of the hype surrounding them. 

7. Manage my review pile Sometimes, I'll get books to read for review and get completely sidetracked by all of my other books I'm reading for pleasure/review that I forget about certain review books. So this year I really want to manage my review books more and make sure to stay into contact with the publishers/authors who send them to me. 

8. Host some more giveaways I love my readers, but I don't think I show that to them enough. I don't host a lot of giveaways because they take a lot of planning and commitment on my part (getting to the post office, paying in cash, having an envelope...oh the joys of living on a college campus...) so I haven't really done that a lot in the past year. In 2013, I hope I can host a lot more and really give back to my readers! 

9. Stay caught up on new releases I am so spoiled by my public library at home because it always has the newest releases almost immediately after they come out. When I'm at school, I don't even know how long it takes for the public library there to get any new YA releases, which makes it really hard to keep up with all of the hot, new books everyone is talking about. I really want to make an effort to find a way to get them, whether by borrowing the e-copy from the library or borrowing from friends, so that I can stay caught up and not end up reading really awesome YA books 6 months after the hype. 

10. Keep on enjoying reading I have stumbled across so many successful book blogs that have shut down because they've stopped enjoying reading. This makes me so sad because I couldn't imagine not enjoying snuggling up with a good book. But I understand how the pressure of finishing books for review and feeling guilty for maybe not liking them can really take its toll on a reader. I really want to make sure this doesn't happen to me at all! This blog is for fun and I want to keep it that way :)

And those are my goals! What about you guys? What are your bookish goals for 2013? 


  1. My bookish goal is to read 110 books, because it was my goal this past year and I got 92 which I'm still proud of. I'm also trying to complete all my challenges. Last year I signed up for 6 and completed 3 just like you so this year I only signed up for 2 and the GR challenge.
    Best wishes in 2013 and Happy Reading!

  2. Jess! You're going to be an english teacher? That's amazing! I've read so few classics it's embarrassing, especially I love what I HAVE read so much!

    And 132 books? WHOA.

    And... I love your goal 10 the most.
    It's so easy to lost track of the fact we do this because we LOVE reading, and lose the thrill beneath the pressure. AMAZING. Good luck! ♥

  3. Great list! You have some really good goals to accomplish and I'm sure you'll get through them all!

    Good luck!

  4. I think that keep seeing blogging and reading as a FUN hobby is a wonderful goal. It's so important to realize that this is, after all, just a hobby and I'm determined not to let stress take over. Good luck achieving your goals this year! :)

  5. One of my goals was to also post two reviews a week. I also really want to get into classics, Because I love Jane Auston and I have almost all of her books, but for some reason I just never read them.
    Old follower
    my TTT

  6. Amazing goals!! #10 is one I constantly strive for!

  7. Your list is fantastic! I love doing giveaways also. The trick is to get the author or publisher to actually supply the book! I think your goal of posting two reviews a week is a great one, and I'm trying to do that as well (although it's not on my list). Good luck!

    Here is my Top Ten.

  8. Wonderful goals. I'm definitely going to try to accomplish all of those. Going through all then Top Ten lists is either a really good idea or a really bad one. Because I keep appropriating other bloggers' goals because they're awesome, but now I think I've given myself about fifty things to accomplish this year.

  9. Great goals! Making a dent in my TBR pile is a goal that made my Top Ten list too. Good luck and Happy Reading!

  10. Great goals. Sounds like you have a big TBR pile that you need to get on to haha. No doubt there will be something amazing in there that you'll definitely wish you got round to sooner. Good luck with all your goals :)

  11. #10 is so important! I'm so impressed -- 132 books AND you're in school??? That's really ambitious. Good luck! And kudos to you for your plans to become an English teacher. Speaking as the daughter and niece of English teachers, I can say that it's a very noble profession!

    Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies

  12. I love your list, Jessica! Readathons are so much fun, I hope you get to do some this year. I need to read more classics too...and post more reviews and manage my review pile, and and and... ;-) We have a lot of similar goals for the year. Good luck!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  13. I am so afraid of #10. I never watch reading (or book blogging for that matter) to become a chore. Good luck with all your goals for the year.

  14. Wow, your last make an excellent point. This isn't our jobs, this is for pleasure. Thank you for reminding me!

  15. I totally fell short on my challenges too. I signed up for less this year, but somehow I still think I may not complete them all. Since it is the start of the year I am going to think POSITIVE though and say I WILL FINISH THEM. ;)

    Happy reading and good luck!

  16. Staying on top of releases is impossible, I'm pretty convinced. I read so much last year, but I still missed so many! Book blogger problems! :-p

  17. So many of my goals are similar! It's good to know I'm not the only one who struggles with my to read pile. There are just so many books out there that need my love and attention, ha.

  18. I pretty much stick to the goodreads challenge, but doing more could be fun. I've seen a few that sound perfect for me, so I may have to sign up for 1 or 2 this year.

    Number 10 is a great goal- one I'm going to have to add to my own list.

    Good luck with your goals!

  19. Good choice of goals, Jessica! I particularly like #10; like wingedcreaturewrites, I'll have to add that to my own list. My TBR list and pile (not quite the same thing) are both so big it's almost dismaying. I didn't include that in my top 10, but it was certainly in the back of my mind.

    Good for you for becoming an English teacher! The profession needs teachers with a real enthusiasm for books (and kids, of course!)

  20. I love your list! Those are all things I could work on this year. I'm getting so many ideas from everyone's lists! I definitely like #9. I use the library too, and while we do get most new releases, I always feel behind on those.

  21. I need to host more giveaways, too. Great list! Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have quite a list but I think that #10 is the most important...keep enjoying reading.

  23. This is the first time I've ever visited your blog and it's super cute!! I'm now following you :)
    I love all your bookish goals, I have pretty similar ones. The last one you have there really made me think! Sometimes I feel like I'm not reading enough books fast enough to fulfill all my challenges and review requests and Blogging responsibilities... and I can see where that might make someone disenchated with reading as a hobby. I would HATE to have that happen to me and hope I never let myself get there. Reading had ALWAYS been in my life and I don't know what I'd do without it!!

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT :)

  24. Managing review books and making a dent in the TBR pile are definitely on my list.

    Thanks for stopping by my Top ten post

    Sabina @ Delirious About Books

  25. Good luck with all your goals this year! I understand the feeling of needing to read more classics! My friend and I have always said we wanted to read more of the classics. While I average about 2 a year, she devised a reading plan where she reads one newish book and then has to read a classic. It works for her, but then she has a lot more will power and I am easily distracted!

  26. Awesome goals you have there. Hope we can accomplish our goals this year. <3

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Really appreciate it. :D

  27. Yay for goal 10 Enjoying reading is so important. Specially when you want to read 132 books this year. Good luck with trying to reach all your goals.

    Thanks for dropping by on my TTT

  28. Great goals. I'm reaching for 100 this year. Last year I only read 52 which makes me very sad. I can't ever keep up with new releases though. There are just so many good ones published each month.

  29. Fun is definitely the most important thing! No stress, awesome books and the rest just follows!

    Good luck with your goals!!

  30. Thanks for stopping by my top ten! Great goals! And I love that we have some in common! Since you mention it, I totally need to make a goal of try to get a certain amount of reviews up a week as well. Cuz I do the same thing. When I get busy I totally slack on reviews. Good luck with your goals! :)

  31. I need to do #6 and #8, too! I've seen a lot of what you mentioned in #10, too. That's why I'm not doing reading challenges this year- I love my blog, and I don't need the added pressure. I do it because I love it!

    Side note: Love the Ryan Gosling gif. (:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  32. I love that you are going to be an English teacher! I really wish I would have done that! I've even thought about going back and getting my Masters in English but it's just so expensive!! lol, I'm sure you know college costs a lot!

    I hope to read some classics this year too! I was even thinking about hosting a Classics Reading Challenge but I wasn't sure if anyone would want to participate.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  33. I want to complete all my reading challenges too! :) #10 is sucha great goal:D Good luck! :)

    My Goals for 2013
    Waiting on Wednesday

  34. Great goals. I wish you luck! The last Top Ten of the year should be about whether we hit our goals or not...

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  35. Great goals, I support you completely. I am sorry also to see some great blogger go, I hope at least they will again start enjoying in reading books. Good luck with your goals!
    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my TTT. :)
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams

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