Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review: Effortless by SC Stephens

By SC Stephens
Release Date: January 18, 2013
Source: Publisher
Summary: After being caught in the middle of a love triangle which led to a devastating betrayal, Kiera pledged to learn from the mistakes she’d made. She was determined to never again inflict that kind of pain on anyone, especially the soulful, talented man who held her heart. But life offers new challenges for every relationship, and when Kiera’s love is put to the ultimate test, will it survive? Love is easy . . . trust is hard.

Review: I fell absolutely in love with Kellan and Kiera's story in Thoughtless, so I knew I was in for a ride when I started Effortless. All I can say after reading this one is how did I wait so long after reading the first book to get into this one?

Kiera and Kellan are finally together, but they've agreed to take things slow. Kiera is living with her sister, going to class, and working at the bar while Kellan is still at his house, alone, and playing with the band. There is no doubt that they're both madly in love with each other and nothing could possibly go wrong. But when Kellan's band gets picked up by a nationwide tour, their newfound relationship is going to be put to the test. Being on the road for 6 months, can Kellan resist all of the groupies who will be throwing themselves at him? And will Kiera be okay being all alone, considering the last time a boyfriend left she got together with Kellan? Everything in this book puts their relationship to the test, pushing their love to the extreme limits. 

Oh boy, where do I begin? I loved every single second of this book and am completely obsessed with the characters. Kellan is just so fantastic in every way. He is the sweetest boyfriend ever and really knows how to love a girl. Kiera is such a connectable character, especially when she's showing her insecurities when it comes to Kellan. With his reputation with girls before she came into the picture, Kiera really has no idea if she can trust him or not on tour. But who wouldn't trust a guy as utterly charming as Kellan? Either way, I ate up their story and could not put the book down until the very last page. 

The first 100 pages or so of this story were a bit slow, but then things really started to get interest and didn't stop until 400 pages later. Just when you didn't think things could get any crazier, SC Stephens throws a curveball that has you flipping through the pages as fast as you can. Near the end of the book, I was freaking out so much I'm sure my sister was annoyed by how much I was telling her about the story. Books that make me so emotionally invested and actually have me freaking out to my sister are definitely my favorites. There's nothing better than actually feeling like a part of the story and I sure did feel that way in this book. 

If you haven't read anything by SC Stephens, what do you think you're doing? Go out, find a copy of Thoughtless (the first book in this series) and read it right now! And then, find a copy of Effortless and read that one too! You'll seriously love it and fall in love with every single character in this book. 

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