Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book Review: Dreams and Nightmares by Ann Warner

Summary: A struggling writer dreams of being a best selling author. A career criminal pulls one last job before retiring to the easy life in Mexico. Each has a vision of the future. Neither can imagine what the future holds.

Review: Being a bookworm myself (obviously), I love reading about characters who have a passion for reading and writing, so it's no surprise that I really liked Decker, the main character of this book. Her passion for writing was great and I really felt for her when things didn't (but eventually did) go her way. What I didn't really like about this book was how the chapters alternated between Decker's story and Albert/Ruby's story. They had nothing in common and I knew that they would cross paths eventually, but that wasn't until maybe 50 pages were left in the book. So a majority of the book just dealt with two completely different lives, and I don't know how much I liked that part. Albert and Ruby were creepily disturbing, which really made them fun to read about! And I really liked Decker's relationship with Gus (even though it wasn't that big of a part in the story) but I just wish I didn't have to read two completely different stories in the same book. Maybe they could have intertwined more throughout the beginning and middle instead of jumping together at the end, so that they would make more sense together. Other than that, I enjoyed reading this book. Full of suspense, mystery, and a passion for writing, this was just a fun book to read!

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  1. The cover is cool. I know what you mean about the alternating stories. I'm not really so much a fan of that way of storytelling. But, if I like the characters enough, then I'll read a story set up this way. It's kind of like the movie "Hereafter." The alternating storylines (eventually the characters all cross paths) was a bit distracting to me.


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