Monday, May 1, 2017

Movie to Book Comparison: A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

If you didn't know, I am the proud mama of two dogs: Darcy and Lily. My sister and I rescued Darcy from a shelter almost two years ago and this past February we rescued Lily from the same shelter. We have always grown up with dogs and knew that we wanted to adopt one as soon as we graduated college. Two years late (has it really been two years since I graduated!?), we have two adorable beagle mixes whom we are *slightly* obsessed with.

When A Dog's Purpose was releasing, my sister and I went with our parents to go see the movie. Like I said, we're definitely a dog family and had to see the movie that celebrated how important dogs are in a person's life. This movie holds a special place in my heart not only because it was adorable and brought tears to my eyes, but also because right after seeing the movie we went to meet Lily for the first time. From the theater, we drove to the shelter and met our sweet Lily! We fell in love with her and brought her home the next day! Trust me, this movie will have you hugging your pups and wanting to go out and adopt another one! 

Along with the Blu-Ray movie, which releases on May 2nd, I was sent a copy of the book that the movie is based off of. My dad actually read the book before seeing the movie and told me he liked the book better (but really, isn't the book always better??), but thought the movie did a good job with the story. I decided to read the first few chapters of the book to see for myself and, wow, so much emotion was in just a few short pages of the book! I definitely think you really get into Bailey's head so much more in the book and feel every emotion Bailey was feeling. That being said, if you aren't ready to bawl your eyes out throughout the whole book, the movie is definitely a better bet. There are some fun, light-hearted moments mixed in with some more serious, sad moments, but that's life with dogs! The movie did such a good job representing the many different types of lives a dog can have that Bailey ended up living. I could relate to so much in the movie and found myself teary eyes more than once!  

In the package I was sent to celebrate the release for the movie, there were also some goodies for Lily and Darcy! They each got a new dog bowl and frisbees! Darcy went crazy for the frisbee and I couldn't put it in the picture without her trying to grab it, so I had to leave those out. They'll definitely be playing with those at the dog park!

I was also sent a bag of Chicken Jerky from Emma Lou's Kitchen and Darcy was definitely ready to dig into those! If you're interested in anything from Emma Lou's Kitchen, you can use the code BAILEY for 10% off! My sister was the most excited for the dog biscuit cookbook and can't wait to start baking for our pups! 

Everyone should definitely go out and check out A Dog's Purpose, Available now on Digital HD and coming to DVD & Blu-ray on Tuesday, May 2nd! Every dog lover will feel so connected to the story and want to run home and smother their own pups with hugs and kisses. 


  1. I've been meaning to watch/read this. :) I can't wait to get a puppy when we buy a house.

  2. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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