Monday, April 4, 2016

Cover Showdown: US or UK?

One of my favorite booktubers, Hails Hearts NYC, recently posted a video comparing US book covers to UK book covers. I'm not sure if you were aware, but I am OBSESSED with the UK covers of books. I have always thought that they are so beautiful and much more creative than the US covers. While this may be true for many books, I have noticed that the UK doesn't always do it better. Here are some of the most drastic changes between the US and the UK versions of books. 

For me, this one is a no brainer. I mean, just look at how adorable the UK version of this book is! While I haven't read this book, I definitely prefer the UK edition. 

Yet another UK winner for me! While the US version is cute, I just love the whole scene of the UK version and the fun colors they use. 

This one is a tough one for me. I absolutely love the US version, but just look at how cute the UK one is! My only problem with the UK version is that the characters look like adults rather than the teens they are in the novel. This one is a tie for me! 

These two don't even look like the same novel, probably because they have different titles! I definitely prefer the sleek, classic look of the UK version rather than the very cartoonish, sci-fi version of the US. 

Hands down, I love the UK version of this book and was pining after it for over a year. The UK version even has pink edged pages that compliment the pink Christmas lights perfectly. You just can't beat it! 

Another UK winner for me. The US version just seems so plain and blah to me. I love the handwritten quality of the UK version and how it's an actual paper town in the background. 

I'm stuck on this one. I'm actually not a huge fan of either one of these. I do love how the whole series looks for the UK version since it's the same design with different colors, but I think both countries could have done it better…another tie!

Surprise, surprise, but I prefer the UK version here. The US version is pretty, but I love the font and how it actually has a sun on the cover of the UK version. So pretty! 

Similar to Mistborn, the UK version has a very sleek, cool look to it while the US version is too dark and juvenile. I love how the whole series has the white theme going on and how great they look on a bookshelf. UK for the win! 

I know, I know, these two don't even look like the same book, but they are! Personally, I love both the title and the cover of the UK version. There is so much more mystery and intrigue in the UK version and the cover actually has to do with the story inside (from what I gained from the summary). I don't know how a book can have a different title in two different countries, but the UK definitely wins this one!

Okay, so maybe I do love the UK version better…for pretty much every single cover. Can you blame me? I just love them! Thank goodness for The Book Depository and Amazon because I can still get my hands on these UK beauties in the good ol' USA. 


  1. Strangely enough, I tend to prefer UK covers for fantasy novels and American covers for everything else.

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