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Book Review: The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

The Secret of Ella and Micha
By Jessica Sorensen
Release Date: October 4, 2012
Source: Own Copy
Summary: If you loved Beautiful Disaster then you're ready to discover . . . 

A rule-breaker with a fiery attitude, Ella always wore her heart on her sleeve. Then she left everything behind to go to college, where she transformed into someone who follows the rules, keeps everything together, and hides all her problems. Now it's summer break and she has nowhere else to go but home. But once there, Ella fears that everything she's worked so hard to bury might resurface-especially with Micha living right next door.

Smart, sexy, and confident, Micha can get under Ella's skin like no one else. He knows everything about her, including her darkest secrets. If he tries to tempt the old Ella to return, he will be impossible to resist. But what Ella doesn't realize is that when she left, she took a piece of Micha's heart with her. Now he's determined to win back the girl he lost, no matter what it takes.

Review: I have heard SO many amazing things about Jessica Sorensen's books. So when a gap in my TBR pile turned up (well, when I decided I wanted to read a book I didn't have to read for review) I immediately picked up my Nook and started The Secret of Ella and Micha. 

Ella used to be a lot of things. She used to be best friends with Micha. She used to be a girl who took crap from no one and said anything was on her mind. But one night changes everything and now she's a clean cut college girl who's past is in the past. But when summer break rolls around, Ella has to go back home and face everyone from her past. Including Micha. But can she keep her new life when she has to face the secrets of her old one? 

Gah, where to start? Right away, you know something secret and monumental happened in Ella's life that affected her relationship with Micha, but you have absolutely no idea what is was. When Ella finally returns home, those secrets are revealed little by little, constantly keeping you on the edge of your seat. And the chemistry. Oh boy, the chemistry. There is definitely an undeniable attraction between Ella and Micha, but you have no idea what happened in their past. Were they a thing? Were they just friends? You don't know until well into the novel anything about their past. All you know is that you're dying for them to finally get together from the first moment they meet when Ella comes back. 

Speaking of Micha, can a guy be more perfect? He is so in love with Ella that it's too cute for words. He cares so much for her and I just can't get over how amazing he is. His lip ring bothers me a bit (I don't see anything attractive about a guy with a lip ring...) but every other part of him is completely irresistible. Not only is Micha great, but the other characters add a real charm to the story. Ella's roommate and MIcha's best friend are great additions and always come up when Ella and Micha need them the most. 

There are just so many emotional and intense moments that I became completely immersed in this story. I don't know how she does it, but Jessica Sorensen created characters there were so imperfect that they were perfect to me. And the romance, as always, was my absolute favorite part. If any of her other books are like this one, then I'm definitely going to pick another one up by Jessica very, very soon. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

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  1. This is the sweetest story. It is a quick read and I am so glad that I read it. Unlike some books, it had my attention from the very beginning, and I often found it hard to put my Kindle down. This is a story about two troubled young people who find love in each other despite everything. I love the fact that the story was not based around rich people. The characters were regular people with regular problems. I am looking forward to reading the sequel.

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