Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review: His Majesty's Mistake by Jane Porter

His Majesty's Mistake
By Jane Porter
Release Date: June 19, 2012
Source: Publisher
Summary: She's everything this desert king shouldn't want...   Spurned and publicly humiliated by the father of her child, Princess Emmeline d'Arcy has no ring, no wedding date and no legitimacy for her unborn baby. And the last straw? Having to trade in her gilded lifestyle and pretend to be her twin sister, otherwise known as Sheikh Makin Al-Koury's personal assistant. Accustomed to being waited on hand and foot, Emmeline finds herself having to jump to the click of her boss's skillful fingers-day and night! But once the sheikh uncovers her shameful past, will his touch be nothing but a scorching memory?

Review: In Not Fit For A King?, Emmeline is portrayed as a snotty, stuck-up, selfish Princess who only cares about herself. Because of this, I wasn't too thrilled to read a book from her point of view, but I'm really happy I did! Because literally everyone in her life has misinterpreted her. She's not a spoiled princess, but a helpless girl who just wants to be happy and loved. 

When Emmeline had switched places with Hannah, it was to find Alejandro, a notorious player, and tell him about their baby that she's pregnant with. Unfortunately for her, Emmeline had no idea of Alejandro's reputation until it was too late. Left with no help from her baby's father, Emmeline is lost and still stuck in America as Hannah. Just when she can't take any more, Makin, Hannah's boss, comes and whisks her away to his castle in the desert. 

Makin knows something is different with his assistant and he can't understand why he has become so aware of how feminine she is. Their relationship is definitely heating up and you can't help but feel for Emmeline as she opens up to him after being so hurt by Alejandro. Things got a little slow as Emmeline stayed with Makin in his castle, but you were always left with anticipation of seeing how things would unfold when people figured out that Emmeline actually isn't Hannah. 

This was a cute romance that cleared up any unanswered questions in Not Fit For A King?. It was a quick read and perfect to read on a summer day. So if you want a romance that is quick and light, read Jane Porter's Harlequin Presents novels! You won't want to put them down!

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