Sunday, July 28, 2019

Book Review: Defying Gravity by KK Allen

Defying Gravity (Gravity #2)
by KK Allen
Release Date: July 25, 2019
Source: Author
Our greatest risk was the one we never took … 

It was an accidental spring fling three years ago—one week spent in the mountains of Big Sur and no one was the wiser. Ignore the fact that Tobias James was my neighbor and my best friend’s older brother. Or that upon our return his hoop dreams were waiting for him, robbing us of any potential future we could have shared. 

Now, I’m fulfilling my own dreams in L.A. and my biggest dream of all is about to come true. The last thing I expected was for my past and my present to collide.

Not now. Not here. Not him.

But he struts back into my life like he never even left. Unfortunately, I’ll never forget what happened after he did.

The ball is in my court, but Tobias isn’t below stealing—my power, my resolve, my heart… When he wants a second chance to reignite our connection, my answer is simple. We can’t.

Not unless we defy the rules our dreams were built on and risk everything.

I absolutely love sports romances and don't read nearly enough basketball romances. The romance market is saturated with football and hockey romances, so I get excited when I see a new basketball romance to pick up and give a chance! 

When Tobias and Amelia spend Spring Break together, they fall for each other deeper than they ever meant to. The problem? Tobias's sister happens to be Amelia's best friend and she could never betray her. Not to mention their lives are going different places. Three years later, Amelia is finally living in LA and Tobias is living his dream on the court. They're both trying to achieve their dreams, so how could they ever make something together work? 

First off, I would definitely recommend picking up the novella that takes place before this that shows Amelia and Tobias spending that spring break trip together and falling for one another. That gives so much more depth to their relationship and made me care about them as a couple before this book even began. The pacing in this one was definitely unique and spans the time frame of three years. We'll skip weeks, months, and then years because Amelia and Tobias's relationship isn't an easy road. I appreciated the realistic timeline they dealt with when trying to make it work. 

While this does span a few years, I did think that Amelia and Tobias were the ones sabotaging their own relationship. They were the ones saying no because of how other people felt. Then, Tobias made a decision that would put him closer to Amelia, but would also make it impossible for them to be together while having their dreams. I was pretty disappointed with Amelia's final decision at the end because it kind of defeated her whole journey towards chasing her dreams. By the end, I just wanted them to be smarter about what they were doing and stop being the problem in their relationship. 

While I really did love this one in the beginning and enjoyed the added youtube videos to watch that correlated with Amelia's dances, the characters made me frustrated and the pacing at the end kind of dragged. I really wanted to love this more than I did, but I'm definitely intrigued by this world and can't wait to pick up Center of Gravity, which is the first standalone book in this series.

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