Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review: Nights In Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

Summary: Adrienne Willis is broken. Her husband just left her for a far younger women, so she runs off to look over her friend's inn at Rodanthe. Where she was hoping to find peace she is greeted by a thunderstorm and her only guest, Dr. Paul Flanner. Adrienne soon learns that she isn't the only person at the inn who's broken. After spending more time with each other, can Adrienne and Paul build better lives and forget their mistakes and heartbreak?

Review: Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE Nicholas Sparks's book, but I just couldn't even like this book. Maybe it was because I had already seen the movie, but I didn't care about any of the characters. I felt like all they did was talk about the same things that are wrong with them over and over again. When I saw the movie I cried but when I read the book I just read faster, trying to finish it sooner. Also, I didn't really enjoy reading about 40 year olds in love. It may be because I'm a lot younger, but I just didn't care. I would have liked to read more about Adrienne's daughter and the husband she lost than Adrienne herself. It just lacked the chemistry and full-blown romance that I'm used to from Sparks. Nights In Rodanthe is probably Nicholas Sparks's worst book, but I know that I'll never stop reading his stuff. I've gone through his worst, so there are only good things to come from him!


  1. I've enjoyed the books that I've read by Nicholas Sparks. I have not read this one. I was disappointed by the movie. Just really could not get into it...even though I like the setting and in general I like Richard Gere and Diane Lane. I guess it was just the story that didn't grip me, which I guess is why I have not read the book.

  2. I tried Nicholas Sparks for the first time this year (The Notebook and The Wedding), and I was really disappointed. It's just sooo sugary, schmaltzy and intense. He seems to focus the entire book on the main characters instead of allowing minor characters to come through and alleviate the slush occasionally. Never again!

  3. Thank you for a very thorough and honest review. I have enjoyed many of Nicholas Sparks books, but something made me not pick this one up. Kind of glad I did. :)

  4. I haven't read this one, but I just started his newest, The Best of Me, and I've got to admit it, I am really liking it. Haha, "sugary, schmaltzy and intense," Sophia, you say that like it's a bad thing! I admit he's best in small doses, but man, his books punch way above their weight when it comes to those moments where you just kind of choke up. I understand what you mean about old people, but the funny thing about getting old is in a lot of ways you don't feel any different, you just look that way. Anyhoo, you might like the new one, since it starts when they are still in high school, but goes on from there (that seems to be his specialty, the romance from the past that won't go away, which is also one of the things I like about them so much).


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