Monday, May 23, 2011

Movie Review: The King's Speech

Summary: King George VI of Britain (father of Queen Elizabeth II) was not ready to be king. He was always the younger brother with a stutter. Any public speech King George (otherwise known as Bertie in the movie) had to make, he would freeze and barely get a word out of his mouth before leaving the stand. Before he becomes king, he seeks out the help of a speech therapist, Lionel Logue. After many, many sessions of weird, yet helpful and entertaining speech exercises, Bertie finds himself in a race against time to fulfill his position as King of Britain and give the speech that can bring his country together in the time of war. 

Review: The King's Speech only reiterated what I had known all along: Colin Firth is AMAZING. Though the plot of the movie isn't really what I would choose to watch, Firth flawlessly delivers King George's stuttered speech and mannerisms. There is a reason why Firth and the movie itself won so many awards for acting and screenwriting: it's amazing. The plot may be more serious and slow, following the King's trials in overcoming his stammer, but it had its funny moments where I couldn't help but laughing at (like Lionel's unusual techniques to improve the King's speech). So even though I got a little bored at times in the movie itself, the amazing writing and acting in The King's Speech made the time worthwhile and unforgettable. 



  1. I went out to Australia at the beginning of the year to meet my new baby granddaughter. This film was showing on the flight back to the UK and I was sure I was not going to enjoy it feeling as sad as I did – but within minutes I was completely immersed in it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. I didn't think I'd enjoy it either, but it is a movie that really surprises you!

  3. Hehe i don't remember half of the film thinking back, i was mainly watching Colin Firth i'm not ashamed to admit. I like this post.

    Amy (new follower)

  4. Thanks! And I'm pretty sure it's impossible to not like Colin Firth :)


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