Friday, September 19, 2014

Follow My Book Blog Friday (153)

Follow My Book Blog Friday is a meme hosted every Friday by Parajunkee where book bloggers answer a question each week and check out how others answered it. It's a cool way for bloggers and viewers to connect and learn more about each other!

Question: Blogger pet peeves? 

Answer: Hmm, what do you mean by blogger pet peeves? Does that mean pet peeves I have as a blogger? When it comes to my blog? Well, I do hate spammers. Haha, nothing like finding 10 emails in your inbox from the same person commenting on 10 different posts with a bunch of links. I'm just like

I mean, I love genuine comments and connecting with my readers, but those spam comments just really bug me. I know I could change this problem by putting captcha on, but who really wants to type in a bunch of numbers every time they try to leave a comment here? And don't even get me started on how half the time I fill out captcha on other blogs, I can't read the numbers posted and it takes me like 5 tries to actually post a comment. Ugh. 

Another pet peeve of mine isn't really something I've witnessed myself, but it has been something I've heard that other bloggers have done. And that's bloggers reviewing a book they haven't read just to have content on their blog. Who does that?

Oh, and people who rate books on Goodreads that they haven't even read before. A book that's releasing in over a year has a 4.7 rating? How? Nobody's even read it yet! And people who just love the author give their book a 5 star before it's released just because they're excited for it. Seriously, don't do that. I enjoy reading honest reviews and ratings so that I can see if I really want to read a book or not. 

And those are my blogger pet peeves! Do you guys have any? I'd love to hear! 


  1. Oh I hate pre-published books that already have high ratings! Or how about books that are on Goodreads and Shelfari that don't even exist?

    New GFC follower!
    Here's My Follow Friday

  2. I hate blogs that take forever to load... Ya, I wanna see ten thousand kitties, ponies, awards, book covers, buttons, ads, whatever. 10 seconds, then I am gone.

    New GFC follower.

    Guy Vestal @ Counter Culture Critic Here is my #FF

  3. I hate spam too. Fortunately there's a plug-in on Wordpress that usually catches them. Of course, it also tends to catch perfectly normal posts from time to time too. Nothing's perfect I guess. New bloglovin' follower. My F&F. Happy reading!

  4. Spammers begone! That was part of the reason why I had to leave blogger.

  5. I understand where you come from, I am not a spam lover, I hate it....a lot!!
    My FFF
    Follower ;)
    xx Kat xx
    The Realm of Books

  6. I agree with pretty much everything- especially the goodreads ratings- I've even seen people rate books based on what they feel the book will be, after reading just the synopsis (if that makes sense)

    New BlogLovin Follower:) Hope you can find the time to check out my pet peeve!



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