Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Review: Bedmates by Nichole Chase

Bedmates (American Royalty #1)
By Nichole Chase
Release Date: October 4, 2016
Source: Publisher at ALA
Everyone makes mistakes, especially in college. But when you’re the daughter of the President of the United States, any little slip up is a huge embarrassment. Maddie McGuire’s latest error in judgment lands her in police custody, giving the press a field day. Agreeing to do community service as penance and to restore her tattered reputation, Maddie never dreams incredibly good looking but extremely annoying vice president’s son, Jake Simmon, will be along for the ride.

Recently returning from Afghanistan with a life-altering injury, Jake is wrestling with his own demons. He doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with the likes of Maddie. They’re like oil and water and every time they’re together, it’s combustible. But there’s a thin line between love and hate, and it’s not long before their fiery arguments give way to infinitely sexier encounters.

When Jake receives devastating news about the last remaining member of his unit, the darkness he’s resisted for so long begins to overwhelm him. Scared to let anyone close, he pushes Maddie away. But she isn’t about to give up on Jake that easily. Maddie’s fallen for him, and she’ll do anything to keep him from the edge as they both discover that love is a battlefield and there are some fights you just can’t lose.

When I read the summary for this book, it sounded like so much fun! I mean, she's the president's daughter who gets arrested and he's the vice president's son who she's forced to do community service with. I smell a yummy romance! 

As the daughter of the president of the United States, Maddie McGuire can't afford to make a mistake. So when she's arrested for standing up for what she believes in, her father's people have to fix her image. Fast. After recently returning from Afghanistan and losing part of his leg, Jake Simmon has decided that the only way to please his mother, the VP of the United States, is to go in the public eye by helping build houses for veterans. He doesn't expect to have to work side-by-side with Maddie, who has definitely grown up since the last time he saw her. The two butt heads when they begin their work, but their passion for their work turns towards attraction as Jake deals with past demons and Maddie tries to understand what her heart and her head are telling her. 

Oh, this book was SO GOOD. I've go to say, it started off as a stereotypical new adult romance that was more on the mindless, steamy side. But about 65% of the way through, something very serious happens that causes this book to take a very dark and emotional turn. I loved how Maddie and Jake were tested with their newfound feelings for each other that they were just starting to acknowledge. 

What made this book so lovable was definitely Maddie and Jake's characters. Maddie was so passionate and headstrong and I loved how much she loved animals. It was cute how Jake came to the shelter with her and saw her soft side. Jake was such a gentleman and I loved how much we got to see his true self, especially how guilty he felt regarding why he had to leave Afghanistan. Definitely a lot of emotion, but also fun banter and some serious heat between our two characters. 

Overall, Bedmates ended up being exactly as I expected and I couldn't have asked for more. I could have done without the stereotypical politician that only wants to get ahead and cares about image (*cough* Jake's Mom *cough*), but I loved our two strong-willed yet incredibly caring main characters who had intense chemistry and only wanted to help each other become better.

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