Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Roundup [4/8-4/14]

Good morning, everyone! And what a good morning it is! There are only four short days standing between me and going home for Easter weekend! And that means only six short days stand between me and finally having chocolate after giving it up for lent. I can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny puts in my basket this year! Haha, anyways…I got a ton of reading done this weekend, but nothing really wowed me. I just want a book that'll sweep me off my feet, and that hasn't happened in a long time. What is going on? I keep on going into books with super high expectations and only end up thinking they're just okay, nothing special. Maybe my expectations are just too high? Or maybe I'm just not picking the right books. Either way, a good book better come my way fast, or I'm going to go crazy! 

Book Reviews
To Love a Highlander by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Never Ending by Martyn Bedford 
Bound by Lorelei James



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