Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you guys are enjoying your Easter Sunday! The Easter bunny was very good to me this year and left me some goodies…

And seeing as I haven't had any chocolate since March 5th, when Lent started, I am so ready to chow down on all of this chocolate. Haha, doesn't it look amazing? We take our chocolate very seriously in my household, so I have some delicious goodies to look forward to for the next couple of weeks! 

Now I'm off to eat some delicious ham and scalloped potatoes for our Easter lunch and it's back to school for me. Happy Easter! 


  1. Happy Easter Jessica!
    Have a great comeback to college :)

  2. Happy Easter! My dad gave up chocolate for Lent this year too! I don't know how you two managed to do it!

  3. Happy Easter. Here's wishing you a wonderful day full of family and amazing food and candy and lots of chocolate!!


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