Sunday, November 20, 2016

Book Lover Gift Guide

I don't know about you, but since I started blogging I have made a ton of bookish friends. I love buying presents for people who love books. I just buy them the things I love because I know that they'll love it too. I have my go-to Society6 shops that have the most AMAZING bookish merchandise designs. I thought I'd share my favorite gift ideas for book lovers in case you're shopping for a book lover in your life! 

1. ACOMAF Pillow
Everything in Evie's shop is AMAZING, but I am currently obsessed with her ACOMAF merchandise. I have been eyeing this pillow for so long, but have been successful at resisting so far (I already have three Society6 pillows…). This design is just gorgeous and, seeing as ACOMAF is one of my favorite books ever, I am obsessed with the quotes Evie chose. This pillow is perfect for any Sarah J Maas fan and, if your looking for simple book lover items, check out the rest of Evie's shop!

2. Bookmarks from Read and Wonder
I have loved Read and Wonder's regular magnetic bookmarks, but they recently came out with these bookmarks that are adorable! Of course, I had to include my favorites from ACOMAF and Outlander because I am so in love with them and have almost bought them on more than one occasion. I have so many bookmarks, though, so I haven't purchased them for myself. Maybe I need to buy a little Christmas present for myself…

3. Tote Bag from Bookworm Boutique
I already have a gorgeous bookish tote from Society6, but I love everything Bookwormboutique comes out with in their shop, so I had to include one of their tote bags. The designs on these totes are so relatable to any book lover and they're perfect to take to signings and other bookish events!

4. Jane Austen Vintage Classics
While not all book lovers love classics, if you have someone in your life who appreciates the classics, they definitely need these beautiful editions of Jane Austen's novels. I have four of them and only need to add two more to my collection. While I already own copies of these books, these editions are just too beautiful to pass up on. They add a pop of color to any book lover's library!

5. Harry Potter Funko Pops
Pretty much every book lover has their own collection of Funko Pops, but you can never have enough! My own collection has exploded over the years and I have some of my favorite movie and book characters. I think that the Harry Potter ones are my absolute favorite and I love how they have released characters in their different outfits from each book. I have the Quidditch Harry and the Yule Ball Ron, but I definitely love the other editions of my beloved characters. So many to choose from!

Don't you just love buying gifts for others? I hope this guide helps you out a little and, if anything, gives you some ideas to buy a little something for yourself ;)


  1. as i hate buying gifts, i should be hinting to people what I want.. mainly no 5. XD

  2. Just came across this GREAT post! LOVE IT!! Sadly,I don't have anyone bookish in my life that I could give any of these wonderful things to....but I could certainly give them to myself, lol. I'm going to visit ALL of these sites! Thanks for sharing!! : )


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