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Book Review: Final Lap by Erin McCarthy

Final Lap (Fast Track #8)
By Erin McCarthy
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Source: Publisher
Summary: Switching into high gear…… 
At a friend’s lavish wedding, Harley McLain and her twin sister, Charity, meet sexy stock-car driver Cooper Brickman. The more reserved Harley is immediately smitten—until he hits on her twin. But Harley has had enough of being the “nice” girl, and after trading dresses with Charity, she seduces Cooper for a night of wild sex.
……ready for a hot lap. 
What was supposed to be a one-night fling gets complicated when Cooper needs a nanny to look after his kid sister—and is convinced sweet, dependable Harley would be perfect for the job. She can’t resist the money—or Cooper’s hot bod. But when her deception is revealed, will it destroy her dependable image—or will he finally realize how sexy sweet can be?

Review: While I haven't read any of the seven books that come before Final Lap, I was definitely excited to see what Erin McCarthy had in store for us readers in her latest contemporary sports romance release. I've read some of her new adult books and really enjoyed them, so I couldn't wait to pick up Final Lap and see how things would heat up both on and off the race track…

Harley McLain is used to being the sensible, quiet twin while her sister Charity the confident, sexy one who isn't afraid to put herself out there. But when Harley's crush and stock-car racer Cooper Brickman hits on her sister after telling Harley she's a motherly woman, Harley decides to switch places with her sister to gain some confidence for once and finally go after Cooper. After seducing Cooper and having the night of her life, the last thing Harley expects is for Cooper to hire her as the real Harley, not as the Charity he slept with, to nanny his 13-year-old sister. Harley can't say no to the money Cooper has to offer the position and soon finds herself becoming attached to Cooper and his sister, despite their dysfunctional relationship and struggle to understand each other. Cooper starts to fall for Harley's caring and subtle ways, but if he finds out that Harley deceived him on the night of the wedding, will he ever be able to forgive her? 

From the start, I immediately connected with Harley's character and how she's always been the one to fly under the radar while her sister got all of the male attention from her confident and sexy demeanor. Harley has such a crush on Cooper but any time she tries to flirt, she fails miserably and has no idea how to gain that kind of attention from a man, let alone a man as hot and notorious as Cooper. Her one night with Cooper was definitely hot, but he has no idea he was with the sweet and safe Harley, not her firecracker twin sister. Little does he figure out that Harley is a firecracker herself. It was fun seeing Harley put herself out there with Cooper, only to pretend the entire night hadn't happened with her when she goes to work for Cooper. There was definitely a lot of drama and miscommunication in their relationship, as well as Charity's relationship with her own crush, that make this one a very entertaining read. 

The romance and drama were awesome, but so was the whole plot line with Harley taking care of Cooper's sister. Mary Jane is definitely a wild thing herself and there is nothing more foreign to a 35-year-old male than a 13-year-old girl. Mary Jane's character was so interesting with her online shopping sprees (including purchasing a pet llama) and online fashion/gossip blog and I could definitely see how Cooper had no idea how to handler her. I loved how Harley really connected with Mary Jane as her nanny and helped Cooper attempt to have an actual relationship with his sister. The only thing I was missing in this book, though, was more of the sports storyline. We know that Cooper is a racer and he's constantly away at work, but we didn't really get any of the action of him actually in his element racing. Maybe it's because I'm a fan of sports in general, but I would have liked more detail of Cooper actually racing and Harley watching rather than summarized time going by where Cooper had been racing but was on to doing something else.  

Overall, this book was just so much fun. I loved how Harley was a twin and how we got to see her close relationship with her sister, despite the fact that they were completely opposite kinds of people. The whole switching places plot line was the perfect engaging introduction to suck the reader into Harley's life. Cooper is so yummy and I loved seeing who Harley could tame such a notorious lady's man. While not as detailed in the sports plot line as I wanted it to be, Final Lap is a sweet romance that gives you a little drama and spice between a sweet girl and a stock-car driver who may have just find what he didn't even know he was looking for

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