Monday, May 7, 2012

Blogspiration (5)

This is a new meme I found hosted by Growing Up YA and Saz101. Bloggers post something that inspires them every week and shares it with their followers! I love this idea, so I decided to try it out! Every Monday I'll share a picture/quote/video of something (most likely book related) that's inspired me this week :) 

Isn't this staircase awesome?? It's so cute and I would LOVE to have this in my house. Seeing it would make me want to grab a book and spend the rest of the day reading. And a lot of these books are ones I read when i  was a kid (Black Beauty and Charlotte's Web), so it just reminds me of the good old days of reading those adorable books. What book lover wouldn't want this staircase in their house???


  1. OMG! Can you imagine?? I'd find an excuse just to go up and down those stairs at least 100 times a day!!


    1. Ooh yes, same! My thighs would hate/love me for all the stair-climbing.

  2. i love that! I wish my apartment has stairs so I could try this!!

  3. Love this! It would be super cute leading up to an upstairs library/kids playroom! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this is GORGEOUS! Aw, I love love love it... I'm kind of trying to figure out if I could convince my husband... XD

  5. Ooooh I love that! It's so cute!

  6. Those look great! I remember seeing a similar photo, just with tons of books at the bottom of each stair rather than a drawing of one's spine, but this is far more kid-friendly. Thanks for sharing! :)


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