Saturday, December 22, 2018

Book Review: The Trouble with Christmas by Debbie Mason

The Trouble with Christmas
by Debbie Mason
Release Date: September 24, 2013
Source: Publisher
It will take a Christmas miracle to melt her heart.

Resort developer Madison Lane is about to lose the one thing she loves most in the world—her job. Dubbed "The Grinch Who Killed Christmas," Madison spoiled a deal that would turn quaint Christmas, Colorado, into a tourist's winter wonderland. Now the citizens want her fired but the company gives her one last chance, sending Madison to the small town to restore the holiday cheer.

For Sheriff Gage McBride, no hotshot executive from New York City is going to destroy the dreams of the people he loves. But one look at this beautiful woman and it's his heart that may be broken. In just a few days, Madison causes more trouble than he's had to deal with all year. He can't decide if she's naughty or nice, but one thing is for certain—Christmas will never be the same again...

With Christmas only weeks away, I was craving a cute Christmas romance to curl up on the couch with under a warm, snuggly blanket. I thought The Trouble with Christmas would be perfect and I couldn't wait to pick up this small town Christmas romance. 

As a resort developer, Madison Lane is very analytical and numbers are her friend. When it comes to the resort that is planned to build in Christmas, Colorado, Madison knows the numbers don't lie, and building in Christmas won't work out. When the people of Christmas are up in arms over Madison ruining their town, Madison must visit the small town to convince them the deal won't work. Sheriff Gage McBride isn't too happy the "Grinch" is in his town causing all sorts of trouble, but he soon can't help be see the good person underneath the Christmas drama. He is determined to put his daughters first, but Madison is growing on the hearts of Christmas and Gage can't help but feel his own heart warming as well. 

As this book was starting, I felt like I had fallen right into a Hallmark movie-- in the best possible way! I loved how Madison had come to Christmas and everything was going wrong. Her chemistry with Gage was so adorable and I absolutely loved how good of a dad Gage was. Then, throw in all of the unique citizens of Christmas and I adored this book. Gage's family was definitely something and it was so cute how loyal they all were to each other. 

While I did love this story and how adorable the romance and town was, I did think it went on a bit too long. After about 300 pages, there were some things added that I didn't think were necessary, including some drama that was a bit unrealistic. The first 300 pages of this, though, were Christmas perfection! 

If you can't tell, I absolutely adored this book. I already have the movie adaptation from the Hallmark channel saved on my DVR and can't wait until I have a moment to watch it! I can't wait to see Madison, Gage, and the whole town of Christmas come to life!


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